Wave Shield™ Car Wash Products – Get Your Shine On!

Wave Shield, Car Choice Wash Products.

New online premium protectant process. Wave Shield is a 4-step, arch-applied process consisting of Wave Curtain Foam Bath, Wave Shine Foam Cleanser/Protectant and Wave Seal Foam Protectant and HOT CARnauba™ Shine.

Step 1: Formula 701 Wave Curtain Foam Bath

A low pH, high-foaming liquid detergent concentrate with excellent lubricity and cleaning, removing excess alkalinity and dehydrating water to allow vehicle surfaces to dry faster.

Step 2: Formula 702 Wave Shine

A pH balanced foam cleanser/protectant which cleans, conditions and protects.

Step 3: Formula 703 Wave Seal

Contains surface reactive silicones which bond to vehicle surfaces for high shine and long-lasting protection. Also reduces adhesion of dust, pollen, bird droppings and brake dust.

Step 4: Newest Addition to the Wave Shield product line: Formula 704 HOT CARnauba Shine

High foaming polish combining the shine produced by the latest advances in polymer technology along with the durability of carnauba. Produces a cleaner, dryer, shinier vehicle. Bright yellow foam with fresh citrus scent.


Wave Shield™ Protectant Process