Maintenance Products - Cleaners/Degreasers

All-purpose cleaners from Warsaw Chemical. All Purpose Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner & Deodorizer & Ice Melt Neutralizer
Commercial grade, all purpose cleaner and deodorizer with a fresh, long-lasting lavender fragrance. Can also be used to dissolve ice melt and rock salt residue.

General Purpose Cleaner

Highly concentrated liquid detergent. Combines quality and versatility with fast cleaning action. Leaves surfaces clean and film free.

All Purpose Cleaner
Industrial strength cleaner. Fortified with butyl. Cleans even in the presence of glass, aluminum, and stainless steel without etching or streaking. Concentrated.

Citrus Oxygenated
All Purpose Cleaner
Concentrated, truly remarkable cleaner fortified with natural citrus cleaning power and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This stable combination along with a specialized surfactant system quickly attacks the most stubborn soils and stains.

Bio-Force Enzyme Degreaser/Deodorizer
All Purpose Cleaner
For cleaning hard porous surfaces such as concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, brick or any grouted floor surface. Removes embedded grease and grime, improving slip resistance. Also controls unwanted pests like fruit flies by digesting organic waste on floors and in drains that may attract insects. Contains no NPE’s, phosphates, acids or caustics. Rinse free and will not leave buildup or residue. Recommended for use in food preparation and service areas, restrooms, shower rooms, schools, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes.

H2O2 All Purpose Cleaner
Truly remarkable cleaner, combining the power of hydrogen peroxide and premium detergents. The complete environmentally friendly cleaning system.

All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
This powerful cleaner/degreaser is the environmentally preferred solution, formulated to tackle the most difficult cleaning tasks. A unique blend of biodegradable surfactants penetrates and breaks down greases, oils and fats on all water safe surfaces.

Industrial DegreasersClean all


Detergent / Degreaser Concentrate
Super strength non-butyl degreaser. Excellent for use in automatic scrubbers and pressure washing equipment.

Orange 88
Degreaser / Deodorant / Drain Cleaner
Non-butyl cleaner / degreaser with d-limonene. Cleans grease and heavy oil deposits as it deodorizes.

Orange 90
Degreaser / Deodorizer / Drain Cleaner
Natural citrus water-based degreaser, all natural solvent degreaser with d-limonene. Cleans grease and heavy oil deposits as it deodorizes.

Non-butyl Cleaner / Degreaser / Deodorant
Revolutionary blend of water-soluble components, surfactants, and detergents. Dissolves and emulsifies grease fast. Excellent for use in automatic scrubbers.

D then C
Non-Butyl Cleaner / Degreaser

(Dilute then Clean) super concentrate, industrial strength degreaser. Cuts through greasy buildups and heavy encrustations fast. Great for kitchen and restaurant degreasing. Effectively replaces butyl degreasers.

Fastball Super Concentrate
Concentrate Cleaner / Degreaser / Deodorizer

1 Part Fastball to 5 Parts Water for Ready-to-use.

Institutional AD2000
Detergent / Degreaser Concentrate
Butyl-based alkaline detergent designed for industrial and institutional heavy duty cleaning. 14.40% total activity.

Industrial Strength Degreaser

Super concentrated, butyl-based degreaser. Formulated to penetrate and remove heavy industrial grease. 25.58% total activity.

Trail Blazer
Non-butyl Cleaner/Degreaser

Trail Blazer is a non-butyl cleaner/degreaser utilizing new surfactant technology that emulsifies and removes heavy industrial, automotive and food service soils. It’s low foaming, ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. Use on floors, walls, partitions or wherever heavy soil is a problem.

Enzyme Degreaser Deodorizer
Enzyme-fortified degreaser/deodorizer designed to clean hard porous surfaces such as concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, brick or any grouted floor surface. Deep penetrating detergents emulsify and suspend soil while four types of specially bred enzyme bacteria cultures organically digest protein soils such as grease, fat, grime, urine deposits, soap scum and body oils. 

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Ready-to-Use Cleaners/Degreasers

Industrial degreasers, part of Warsaw Chemical maintenance cleaning products.Orange Fury
Ready-To-Use Foaming Degreaser
Heavy duty foaming cleaner / degreaser. Fortified with natural citrus solvent.

Clean All

Ready-To-Use Degreaser
Clean All is a non-butyl, ready to use cleaner/degreaser. New surfactant technology provides unusual ability to quickly penetrate and remove
grease-based soil in industrial, automotive and food service applications.


Ready-To-Use Cleaner / Degreaser / Deodorizer
Industrial strength, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. Quickly penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil films, fingerprints, crayon, ink, pencil marks, smoke film, etc. Fortified with butyl and pine oil.

Fastball Aerosol
Ready-to-use Foaming Cleaner / Degreaser / Deodorizer  

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Glass Cleaners

Sunny Streakless
Ready-To-Use Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
Institutional strength formula fortified with ammonia. Removes dust, dirt, grease, fingerprints, and smoke film from glass and other hard non-porous surfaces. Will not streak or leave a film.

Sunny Streakless Aerosol
Ready-to-use Foaming Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

Ready-To-Use Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
Contains no ammonia or petroleum solvents. Dissolves dust, dirt, grease, fingerprints, etc. Use on glass, plexiglas, CRTscreens, light fixtures, copiers, etc.

Concentrated Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
Non-ammoniated. One gallon makes 4 gallons. Will not streak or smear.

Concentrated Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
Quickly penetrates and dissolves soils. Fortified with ammonia. One gallon makes 9 gallons of ready-to-use product. Will not streak or smear.

Glass Cleaner Concentrate
This environmentally preferred glass cleaner has been specially formulated with a unique blend of surfactants to quickly penetrate, emulsify and remove dirt quickly and easily. It cleans and polishes without scratching or streaking. Green Time System Glass Cleaner Concentrate is the perfect product for glass, mirrors and many other hard surfaces.

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Lime Removers

NAM #1
Concentrated Lime Remover/Tile Grout Cleaner
Versatile, economical, mild acid lime remover formulated to remove unsightly build-up of mineral deposits and lime scale. Cleans, descales, and deodorizes. Contains phosphoric acid.

Delimer NF
Non-foaming Acid Detergent

See Food Service Products.

Lime Solve
Heavy Duty Lime / Scale / Rust Remover

Formulated to remove heavy deposits of lime, calcium, urinary salts, iron, concrete, rust, and other mineral deposits. Contains hydrochloric acid and a corrosion inhibitor.

Green Maintenance Product