Maintenance Products - Transportation

Hand Carwash Products

Warsaw Chemical concrete floor cleaners.60-40
Car Wash Powder
Mild but effective. Contains cleaning, wetting, penetrating, and water softening agents. 100% active. No fillers added. Completely water soluble.

Wash Wax
Car Wash Liquid
Liquid concentrate for one step washing and waxing. Produces rich, high suds for extra cleaning power. Leaves an attractive, protective, real wax coating. Water “beads-up” to prevent water spotting. Prevents oxidation.

Blue Moon
Universal Carwash Liquid
Liquid carwash detergent concentrate. Ideal for both hand washing and automatic car washes. High foaming detergent ideal for foam brush applications.

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Truck Wash Products

Hand carwash products.Power Wash
Pressure Washer / Liquid Concentrate
High foaming cleaner ideal for cleaning all transportation vehicles. Also great for vinyl and aluminum siding. Will not etch glass or aluminum.

Concentrated Liquid
Truck and trailer wash formulated specifically to remove bugs, road film and exhaust deposits. Cleans all painted vehicle surfaces without brushing. For use through hot or cold high pressure washing equipment.

Blast Off
Liquid Truck Wash
Concentrated alkaline high sudsing. Can be used as both high pressure detergent and low pressure presoak.

Xtreme Presoak Low pH
High foaming low pH pre-soak. Can be used in both a single or two step cleaning process in conjunction with Blast Off.

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Vinyl & Rubber Dressings

Water-Based Dressing
Clean, protect, beautify, and restore leather, rubber, plastic,vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. Returns dull, worn surfaces to their original luster.

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Premium Thick Tire Shine
Water-Based silicone Dressing
High-gloss, non-slinging formula provides a long lasting shine that leaves tires with a professionally detailed apperance.

DOUBLE SHINE Tire DressingVOC Compliant
High solids, water-based silicone tire dressing designed for on-line tire shine applicators. The super-high solids, non-slinging formula provides a long-lasting and high-gloss shine which delivers a professionally detailed appearance for tires. This tire dressing is also VOC Compliant.

MEGA SHINE Tire Dressing 
Super high-solids solvent-based tire dressing that leaves a superior, longer lasting, higher gloss shine. Designed for online tire shine applicators.

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Windshield Cleaners

Bug Off
Windshield Cleaner
Designed for use at service station islands. Removes bugs, treesap, dirt, and road film. Leaves no film, no streaks, and no smears. Concentrated, one gallon makes 128 gallons of windshield washing solution. No offensive ammonia odor.

Windshield Washer Solvent
Super concentrated solvent, anti-freeze, and cleaner. 1 drum makes 2 or 3 drums of ready-to-use cleaner.

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Tire Products

Whitewall Tire Cleaner
Liquid Concentrated Tire Cleaner
Loosens, penetrates, and washes away dirt, grease, and road grime. Bleaches as it cleans. Also formulated to be used as a steam cleaner for motors, parts, housings, and machinery.

Tire Mounting Lubricant
Water-based lubricant for quick mounting and dismounting of tires. Thick clinging formula. Contains rust inhibitors.

Big Blue
Tire Mounting Lubricant
Lubricates and renews rubber and vinyl parts. Contains effective rust inhibitors to prevent rim rust on tire rims; anti-slip formula.

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Concrete Floor Cleaners

Hand carwash productsDJ Concrete Cleaner
Heavy Duty Powder Concrete Cleaner
Available in orange or white. Quickly penetrates grease, oil, and dirt. It dissolves, loosens, and suspends heavy embedded soils and allows them to be rinsed away. Will not leave a residue. Pine scented.

Pine Concrete Cleaner
Powder Concrete Cleaner
Traditional formula. Quickly penetrates and loosens grease, oil, and dirt. Pine scented.

Regular Orange Concrete Cleaner
Economical Powder Concrete Cleaner
Formulated for clean up of grease and oil from sealed concrete floors that are maintained regularly.

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Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaners

JD Aluminum
Aluminum / Stainless Steel Cleaner
Concentrated cleaner, brightener, and conditioner. Restores original luster and shine. Strips oxidation, removes soil, dirt, and exhaust film.

Aluminum / Stainless Steel and Kemlite Wall Cleaner
Super concentrated cleaner, brightener, and conditioner for satin finish on over-the-road trucks and trailers. Removes heavy soil, grease, soap scum, and hard water deposits from carwash kemlite walls.

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Parts Cleaners

Stripper 105
Hot Tank Dip
Detergent designed to be used for steel and cast iron parts. Do not use on aluminum.

Stripper 410
Hot Tank Dip
Detergent designed to be used for all metals including aluminum.