Automotive Detail Products - Cleaners

Tire/Wheel Cleaners

Aluminum & stainless steel cleaner
Concentrated aluminum and stainless steel wheel cleaner. Makes hydrofluoric acid-base cleaners obsolete.

Big Block
Heavy duty aluminum cleaner
Concentrated acid blend cleans and brightens magnesium and aluminum wheels.

Non-acid wheel & tire cleaner
Concentrated non-acid wheel and tire cleaner.

White Flag
Whitewall cleaner
Concentrated liquid whitewall cleaner. Specially formulated with a "built-in" whitener to bleach as it cleans.

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Prep Cleaners

Bug Buster
Bug remover
Ready-to-use bug remover. Safe and effective. Works on all exterior vehicle surfaces.

Start Up
Pre-clean solvent
Pre-clean solvent removes all contaminants from automotive surfaces. Quick and easy to use.

Pre-clean solvent
A multi-function interior, exterior cleaner/spot remover with slow evaporation properties. Excellent for clean up of tough-to-remove substances. Rinses freely with no residue.

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Hand & Machine Car Wash Cleaners

Lap Leader
Concentrated hand wash
Specially formulated to rejuvenate car finish as it cleans.

RPM (Red Power Mix)
Power wash
No scrub power wash. A powerful red powder specially formulated for those tough cleaning jobs.

Pack Leader (Classic Car Wash)
Concentrated hand wash
Concentrated hand wash specially formulated to rejuvenate car finish as it cleans.

Team Leader
Concentrated hand wash
Concentrated hand car wash formulated to leave surfaces sparkling clean and spot free.

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Car Interior Cleaners

Windsheild Cleaner
Non-ammoniated. In winter dilute as is. Dilute 1 to 3 in spring and 1 to 3 in summer.

Ready-To-Use Glass Cleaner
Non-ammoniated. Effective on breaking up dirts, oils and fingerprints from glass. Leaves no streaks, smears or oily filem behind.

All-purpose car interior cleaner
Ready-to-use car interior cleaner degreaser. Superior formula designed specifically to work in all conditions...from light duty to heavy soils.

Concentrated odor counteractant
Fresh lemon-scented spray quickly and effectively seeks out and destroys offensive odors resulting from smoke, mildew, spoiled food, etc. Eliminates odors at their source - does not just mask them.

Pole Sitter
Carpet & upholstery shampoo
Concentrated carpet and upholstery shampoo specially formulated for use by hand or machine to remove deep, stubborn soils.                                       

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