Self Service Clear Coat Protectants

Clear Coat Protectants and Conditioners for Self Service Car WashFormula 547
Reclaim Compatible
RADIANCE® Clear Coat Protectant
This deep blue, blueberry scented, sudsing liquid clear coat protectant is the ultimate in customer appeal. Formulated with amino functional silicones which provide a visible, long-lasting, wash-resistant high-gloss appearance and protective coating.

Green Line SolutionsFormula 573
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Weather Shield® All Season Protectant
A total vehicle surface protectant designed to repel water and deliver a high-gloss shine and protection to vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, and chrome. Fresh Blueberry Scent. Part of the Green Line Solutions™ family of environmentally friendly carwash products from Warsaw Chemical.

Formula 579 
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Guardian Ceramic Coating
Introducing Guardian Ceramic Coating for the ultimate total surface protection, powered by ceramic technology. This revolutionary new formula delivers a noticeably brighter vehicle, that is softer and smoother to the touch.

Formula 570
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BERRY DRY Clear Coat Protectant/Drying Agent
Polymer-based clear coat protectant/drying agent containing siliconized carnauba for enhanced shine and protection.

Formula 538
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Vanilla Kote Clear Coat Protectant
One of our best! Provides excellent visual and aromatic appeal with its fresh waxy vanilla scent, crème base, protective sheen, and exceptional water beading capabilities.

Formula 527
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Clear Coat Protectant
Sell more cycles by offering your coin-op customers a true clear coat protectant. Silicone-fortified, cherry scented clear coat protectant is designed to maintain and preserve clear coat surfaces as well as all modern finishes. Provides a visible high gloss appearance which can last up to 30 days. Apply under high or low pressure.

Formula 533
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Vanilla Foam Clear Coat Protectant
A unique oil-free foaming clear coat protectant which provides the ultimate in shine and protection. High foaming activity enhances product performance and customer appeal. Pleasant vanilla scent.

Formula 503
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Spray & Shine
Rapid beading action ensures maximum water removal, promotes spot free drying. Available in fresh lemon or cherry scent for customer appeal.

Formula 500
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Lemon Foam Clear Coat Protectant
This unique protectant comes out of a standard pressure wand as a light foam which breaks up and creates rapid water beading. Pleasant lemon scent.

Green Line Solutions Green Line SolutionsTM - Earth friendly products, maximum cleaning power.
Reclaim CompatibleReclaim Compatible - Contains no harsh caustics, may be applied to all surfaces in any climate and reduces environmental impact issues.