Warsaw Chemical Introduces New Endure Floor Finish

New Endure Ultra Durable Floor Finish is now available from Warsaw Chemical. Endure uses latest cross-linked polymer technology to provide a deep gloss, long wearing finish that resists scuffing and scratching which reduces maintenance costs and lengthens the floor care life cycle. Perfect for educational and retail facilities.

The Endure Floor Finish is self-sealing, offers excellent leveling, low maintenance, does not powder and offers a clear, bright appearance.  Available in 5-Gallon plastic pails.

For more information contact: Warsaw Chemical, P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581, Phone: 800-548-3396. Fax: 574-267-3884.

New Dual Fill Dispenser from Warsaw Chemical

Warsaw Chemical introduces the “Dual Fill” dispenser, a portable, safe and cost effective method for dispensing cleaning chemicals. Connect Dual Fill dispensers to an ordinary hose to fill bottles, buckets, automatic scrubbers and more. These dispensers have been preset to dispense the precise amount of concentrated product and water, for safe and effective cleaning. The dilution rate can be easily changed from 2 ounces per gallon to 12 ounces per gallon, allowing the Dual Fill dispenser to be used for multiple products.

The Dual Fill dispensing system is cost effective and eliminates the need for costly wall mounted dispensing equipment. Simple to use and requiring virtually no installation or employee training, the Dual Fill dispenser utilizes concentrated products for economical end-use cost. Patented technology allows the dispensing system to operate in a range of water conditions, resulting in accurate dilutions in relatively low pressure/low flow and hard water areas.

Pre-installed dispensing stems create a completely closed, chemical-contact system, providing a tamper-resistant package and insuring employee safety.  Product concentrates must be attached to the Dual Fill dispenser in order to dispense product.

For more information contact Warsaw Chemical, P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Phone: 800-548-3396. Fax: 574-267-3884.

New Car Choice® Detail Products Line from Warsaw Chemical

Warsaw Chemical introduces the new Car Choice® Wash Products Detail Products line.  The new Detail Products line offers various cleaning products including tire/wheel, prep, hand and machine car wash, interior, service center and all-purpose cleaners.  This line also offers engine and part degreasers as well as degreasers for service centers.  Compounds, polishes, waxes and water-based and silicone-based dressings are also included in the Detail Products line. 

Car Choice® Wash Products is a division of Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. and provides a wide range of products for the car wash industry.  Warsaw Chemical provides over two hundred Car Choice®, Industrial and Maintenance brand products internationally and throughout the United States, including cleaners, disinfectants, cleaning products for self-service and automatic car washes, degreasers and dressings. Warsaw Chemical also remains a leading regional distributor of industrial chemicals. View our Detail Products.

For more information contact Warsaw Chemical, P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Phone: 800-548-3396. Fax: 574-267-3884.

New Select Care™ Hand Cleaners from Warsaw Chemical

Warsaw Chemical introduces new Select Care™ Hand Cleaners, Warsaw Chemical’s first industrial hand cleaner line created using totally natural, renewable ingredients. This line of hand cleaners is VOC compliant and features concentrated, water activated formulas that were developed with soy, d-Limonene and walnut shell scrubbers for extra deep cleaning. Select Care Hand Cleaners dissolve heavy soils, such as grease, tar, resins, paints, adhesives, carbon and inks.

This new line includes Citrus Select and Soy Select Premium Industrial Strength Hand Cleaners. These cleaners utilize renewable natural resources, helping to conserve non-renewable resources such as petroleum. Biodegradable soy oils, detergents and walnut scrubbers are also used. The Select Care line is enriched with skin softening ingredients and aloe to prevent hands from drying out. View the Select Care literature.

For more information contact Warsaw Chemical, P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Phone: 800-548-3396. Fax: 574-267-3884.

Warsaw Chemical Introduces New Citrus Oxygenated All-Purpose Cleaner

Warsaw Chemical recently introduced Citrus Oxygenated All Purpose Cleaner. The cleaner, which is comprised of natural citrus solvent, premium detergents and hydrogen peroxide, is environmentally friendly and can be used in many cleaning situations.

The all-purpose cleaner safely cleans, de-stains and deodorizes most surfaces using natural citrus solvent to dissolve oil and grease, premium detergents to emulsify and suspend soils and hydrogen peroxide to oxidize stains, eliminate odors and provide color-safe bleaching.

The product can be diluted into four different strengths based on cleaning needs (light duty, general purpose, heavy duty and super duty) and comes with a “Pump & Fill” dilution system, which offers dilution directions and uses four different number and color coded bottles to identify the different solutions.

The citrus oxygenated all-purpose cleaner does not generally require any protective equipment for use and can be used for the following applications:

  • Glass Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning
  • Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile/Grout Cleaning
  • General Cleaning
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Mold/Mildew Removal
  • Floor Cleaning
  • General Degreasing
  • Shower Rooms

For more information on Citrus Oxygenated All-Purpose Cleaner, contact Warsaw Chemical, P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Phone: 800-548-3396. Fax: 574-267-3884.