Maintenance Products - Food Service & Laundry

Hand Dishwashing

Warsaw Chemical glass cleaning products

Super Concentrated Hand Dishwashing Detergent
Instantly emulsifies and removes grease and food deposits from dishes, glasses, silverware, and pots 'n pans. Enriched with skin conditioner. Floral scent.

Pink Lotion Hand Dishwash Detergent
Quickly cuts through grease, leaves dishes spot and film-free. Creates long lasting suds and is gentle to the hands. Lemon scent.

Hand Dishwash Powder
Superior suds, extra cleaning powder. Free rinsing, non-streaking formula. 100% active.

Silverware Presoak/Detarnish
Silverware brightener and heavy duty detarnisher. Aids in the reduction of water spots on flatware after cleaning and rinsing in dishwashing machines.

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Glass Washing

GlowFood service cleaning products
Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate
For sparkling clean glassware. Easy on hands. Designed for manual brush cleaning. Use in first tank.

No Foam
Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate

Special non-sudsing formula. Designed for use with electric brushes. Use in first tank.

Clear Glass Rinse
Liquid, for Spot Free Crystal
Breaks the surface tension of water. Rinse water sheets off. Concentrated, economical. Use in last tank.

Liquid Disinfectant and Sanitizer 
Quaternary type. Sanitizes all bar glassware. EPA registered.

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Low Temperature Machine

Low Temperature Detergent
Liquid Detergent Concentrate
Formulated for use in low temperature mechanical warewashing machines.

Low Temperature Chlorine
Liquid Concentrate
Formulated for use in low temperature warewashing machines. Promotes free rinsing, and de-staining. 

Low Temperature Rinse Additive
Liquid Concentrate
A special blend to “sheet off” water and speed spot-free drying.

Delimer NF
Non-Foaming Acid Detergent
Removes lime scale, rust, oxidation, hard water stains, soap scum, detergent residue, coffee stains, and milkstone.

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Hot Temperature Machine

Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Powder
Dishwashing Powdered Detergent
Chlorinated to keep coffee, tea, and lipstick stains from depositing on china and plastic dinnerware. Prevents mineral build up. 

Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Liquid
Dishwashing Liquid Detergent
Convenience of a liquid. Free rinsing. Removes tea and coffee stains. Prevents mineral build up.

Rinse Injector
Super Concentrated Liquid

Eliminates water spots. Specially designed for use in the rinse injector system of your dishwasher.

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Oven, Grill, Fryer Cleaners

Oven and Grill Cleaner 
Ready to use. Removes heavy, baked-on carbon deposits, grease and oil from ovens, grills, and deep fat fryers. 

Vista Plus
Concentrated Oven and Grill Cleaner
Extra strength for those tough to clean surfaces.

Powdered Deep Fat Fryer and Grill Cleaner
Emulsifies and dissolves caked-on grease and carbon. Cleans completely and thoroughly.

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Solid Dishwashing

Solid Dishmachine Detergent
Extra-Strength Solid Detergent
Designed to quickly remove food soils in the most challenging water conditions, delivering sparkling clean china, glassware, stainless, and other materials. 

Solid Flatware Pre-Soak
Solid Enzyme Activated Pre-Soak
Effectively removes food soils and film from flatware. Dispenser controlled delivery assures maximum economy, with consistent sparkling results.

Solid Pot & Pan Detergent
Solid Hand Dishwash Detergent
Designed to quickly emulsify greasy food soils and produces rich, long lasting suds. Dispenser controlled delivery assures maximum economy.

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Food Service Degreaser

Enzyme Degreaser Deodorizer
Enzyme-fortified degreaser/deodorizer designed to clean hard porous surfaces such as concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, brick or any grouted floor surface. Deep penetrating detergents emulsify and suspend soil while four types of specially bred enzyme bacteria cultures organically digest protein soils such as grease, fat, grime, urine deposits, soap scum and body oils.

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Laundry cleaning products.

Nu Blu
Laundry Detergent Powder
High-powered grease releasing formula. Effective on tough, greasy industrial and institutional stains. Controlled suds for easy rinsing. Contains optical brighteners. 

Institutional Laundry Detergent
Economical, efficient powder. Removes tough dirt and stains. Controlled suds to allow proper washing and thorough rinsing action.

Laundry Detergent Liquid 
Contains Fabric Softener
Removes tough dirt and stains. Leaves clothing soft and static free.

Oxygen Bleach
Powdered Bleach For Colors
Use on all fabrics and colors that are tub fast. Very effective on blood and protein stains. 

Dry Chlorinated Bleach
Powdered Chlorine Bleach

Formulated to be more effective and more convenient than liquid bleaches. Whitens and brightens fabric.

Liquid Fabric Softener
Softens, whitens and brightens all fabrics. Stops static cling. Super concentrate.