Green maintenance products
Green Maintenance Products
Food service maintenance products.

Maintenance Division Customer Benefits


Private Brand Program
Our in-house graphics department assists distributors in creating their own private brand including custom designed labels, product literature, MSDS, and Technical Data Sheets. Private label minimums (as low as 60 gallons) allow our distributors to sell their own brand while maintaining low inventory of each item.


Sales & Marketing Support
Product Use and Sales Training Seminars are offered in our “hands on” Training Center, and at your location. Our regional sales people offer in-field training, and end user sales assistance.


Warsaw Chemical products carry a full quality guarantee. Any product not meeting specifications within one year may be returned for credit. We offer more than 200 stock items; both liquid and powder. We produce several hundred custom/
proprietary formulations for private label distributors.


Only 1,000 pounds required for FOB delivery on Warsaw Chemical’s regularly scheduled trucks. Minimums as low as 2,000 pounds for FOB common carrier shipments east of the Rocky Mountains. West of Rockies, call us for FOB minimum requirements.

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