Marketing Aids for Car Choice® Car Wash Products

Premium Bay Signs
These instructional signs measure 23" x 15".
#50284 Spot Free Rinse Premium
#50285 Clear Coat Protectant
#50286 Pink Foam Brush Shampoo
#50287 Yellow Foam Brush Shampoo
#50288 Tire Cleaner
#50289 High Pressure Detergent
#50290 Liquid Pre-Soak
These instructional signs measure 24" x 19".
#50291 Weather Shield
#50280 Tri-Color® Foaming Clear Coat Conditioner (for service bay)
#50291 Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner
Instructional bay signs for Car Choice Brand Products.
Bay signs
Car wash products bay signs
Driveway Signs
Driveway signs highlight your services, help to sell more!
These signs measure 28" x 44".
#50270 Clear Coat Protectant
#50271 Tri-Color®
#50272 Weather Shield
#50269 Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner
Driveway signs for Car Choice Wash Products
6' x 2' Vinyl Banners
These attractive vinyl banners will immediately draw your customers'
attention to let them know you have the best.
These banners are 6' x 2'.
#50265 Clear Coat Protectant
#50264 Tri-Color®
#50263 Weather Shield
Vinyl banners.
Weather Shield Service Station Aids
Advertise this amazing product at the gas pump and station counter
with these colorful marketing aids.
Various sizes - see below.
#50193 Pump Topper: 19½" x 11¾"
#50294 Counter Mat: 17" x 11"
  Drum Sleeve
Weather Shield service station aids.
Traffic Cones
Keep your lanes in order with these fun bright blue 18" traffic cones
featuring the Warsaw Chemical Car Choice® logo.
One size only.
#50247 Traffic Cone
Traffic cones feature Car Choice Wash Products
* Customized For Your Company
Various sizes - see below.
#50189 Pump Decal: 8½" x 11"
#50190 Pump Topper: 19½" x 11¾"
#50191 Counter Mat: 17" x 11"
*Designs Vary
Customized car wash products marketing aids for your company
Menu Board
Sell more cycles! This beautiful instructional menu board will immediately
draw attention to your services and how to properly use them.
Made of heavy-duty lexan.
This sign measures 23" x 36½".
#50250 Menu Board
21" x 2¾" Menu Board Strips
Individual adhesive lexan strips for the Menu Board.
#50292 Weather Shield Radiance®
#50258 Stop/Off
#50274 Tire Cleaner
#50249 Bug Remover
#50277 Pre-Soak
#50275 High Pressure
#50273 Shampoo
#50259 Clear Coat
#50276 Rinse
#50278 Spot Free
#50279 Tri-Color®
Car wash products menu board and strips.
Car Choice® Professional Car Wash Product Sign
This sign declares your choice is Car Choice®.
Product sign measures 18" x 24".
#50076 Car Choice® Wash Products
Car Choice® Professional Car Wash Product Sign.

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Car Choice® is a division of Warsaw Chemical and provides a wide range
of products for the car wash industry. For more information contact
Warsaw Chemical, P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581.
Phone: 800-548-3396. Fax: 574-267-3884.