New! Formula 590 DRY X-40 Premium Drying Agent - Our best drying agent ever

Formula 590 DRY X-40 Premium Drying Agent

Car Choice® DRY X-40 is a high-solids concentrate for economical yet ultra-premium drying. Beads water on contact for much improved drying efficiency. And specially formulated for use in hot or cold water rinse arches. DRY X-40 is ready to up your drying game. It’s the latest addition to Warsaw Chemical’s 200-plus Car Choice brand products.

• Improve drying efficiency

• Does not smear on glass or paint

• Breaks water on contact

• Reduces dust/bug adhesion

• Concentrated for economical use

• Pleasing Dream Sickle scent

Formula 590 Dry X-40


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Reclaim CompatibleReclaim Compatible - Contains no harsh caustics, may be applied to all surfaces in any climate and reduces environmental impact issues.