Maintenance Products - Floor Care & Carpet


Endure Floor Finish and Floor Finish Maintainers.


Seal Finish
Heavy Duty Sealer / Finish
Use alone, or as a base coat to seal and condition floors. Enhances gloss. Low maintenance.

High Gloss Floor Finish
Metal interlocked acrylic polymer finish. Easy to apply and maintain. Will not powder or yellow. Self-sealing. Low maintenance. 16% solids.

High Gloss, Extended Wear Floor Finish
Metal interlocked acrylic polymer finish. Brilliant, high gloss finish provides a durable long lasting shine. Self-sealing. Low maintenance. 18% solids.

High Gloss, High Solids Floor Finish
Metal interlocked acrylic polymer finish. Super durable formula provides an easily maintained long lasting shine. Self-sealing. Low maintenance. 25% solids.

Ultra High Speed Floor Finish
High response formula. The professional choice for optimum gloss, durability and repairability. Designed to be used with high speed and ultra high speed buffing equipment. High maintenance. 20% solids.

Ultra Durable Floor Finish
Utilizing the latest technology in cross-linked polymers, and providing an extremely deep gloss and long wearing finish. The finish resists scuffing and scratching making it ideal for Educational and Retail facilities. 25% solids.

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Gym Floor Products

Hardwood Floor Cleaner
It is a concentrated, pH neutral cleaner formulated for maintenance of sealed hardwood floors. It is recommended as a non-oily dust treatment, mark remover, auto scrub cleaner and pre-seal prep.

High Performance Wood Floor Finish
Ready-to-use, 31% self cross-linking water based wood floor finish. Strong, resilient protection, no catalyst required, fast dry and recoat. Low odor, repairable, coverage up to 1000 sq. ft. per gallon.

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Floor care maintenance products.Floor Finish Maintainers

Neutral pH Detergent
Damp mop detergent for finished floors. Will not dull, haze, or leave a film. Contains optical brightener to enhance gloss. Use with mop and bucket or automatic scrubber.

Neutral Floor Cleaner
This is the environmentally preferred product for daily maintenance of high gloss, finished floors. Formulated with a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants it will quickly penetrate, emulsify and suspend light to medium soils for easy removal without attacking the gloss of the floor.

Luster +
One Step Cleaner and Gloss Enhancer
Provides easy maintenance of your lustrous high gloss,“Wet-Look” shine. Extends the life of your floor finish. Deep cleaning power leaves floors spotlessly clean and eliminates dingy buildup and soil penetration. Cleans completely, allowing error-free recoating when necessary.

Spray Buff
Thermoplastic Spray Buff
Cleans and polishes floor finish. Removes black heel marks, scuffs, scratches, dullness, and leaves floor slip resistant. For use with low or high speed machines.

Thermoplastic Floor Gloss Restorer
Restores floor finish to that “just waxed” shine. Mop on, let dry, and buff.

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Non-ammoniated Floor Finish Stripper
Ultra concentrated. Formulated to remove excessive long-term build up of floor finishes.

Total Strip
Non-ammoniated Floor Finish Stripper
This powerful, fast acting stripper begins emulsifying floor finish on contact. Removing multiple coats of burnished floor finish with fewer passes, reducing labor cost. Formulated to quickly penetrate and "unlock" cross linked acrylic floor finishes, releasing and suspending them for easy removal, eliminating costly re-stripping.

Industrial Strength Degreaser
Highest pH all purpose degreaser. Fortified with butyl solvent. Excellent for removing heavy, excessive long term build-ups of floor finish.

Mop On
Rinse Free Stripper
Quickly strips difficult finishes without leaving a residue. Mop on...agitate...pick-up.

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Image Carpet Care System

Stain and Odor Remover
Bioenzymatic cleaning blend removes spots, stains, and malodors. Effective on food, urine, vomit, blood, grass stains, coffee, juices, grease, mildew, and much more.

Heavy Duty Traffic Lane Cleaner/Prespray
A powerful prespray designed to remove oil, grease, and other tough embedded soils.

Carpet Cleaner Concentrate
Low foam liquid carpet cleaner designed to be used with hot water extractors and bonnet systems. Powerful detergents lift and dissolve embedded soils. Leaves no residue.

32 to 1
Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo
High foaming carpet shampoo for use by hand or with rotary floor machines and foam shampoo machines.


Defoamer Concentrate
Eliminates foam in recovery tanks of hot and cold water extractors, automatic shampooing equipment, and floor scrubbers.

Rust Rid
Rust remover from carpets and fabrics
Ready-to-use formula that has a mild pH and requires no neutralizing. When instructions are followed, Rust Rid is user safe.


Green Maintenance Product